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Standing Up For Bollywood Performing Rights

Welcome to North American Bollywood Collective Rights Management (NABCRM). Nabcrm facilitates licensing of Bollywood films, TV and radio and provides payment to copyright owners for the use of their work in North America.

Nabcrm is the North American copyright collective for the Society for Copyright Regulation
of Indian Producers for Film and Television (for cinematograph and television films), a registered copyright society by the Government of India. We administer the performing rights of Bollywood - film and tv producers - and those of affiliated international societies by licensing the use of their copyright work in North America. Our work is to provide distributors, retailers, media outlets, and broadcasters in North America the license they legally require to use Bollywood intellectual property and recorded material.

The film and television directors and producers, that is everyone who works, takes part and collaborates in the production, performance and execution of a recorded Bollywood intellectual property piece are all entitled to and protected by the performer’s collective right. The use of a recorded piece of work, according to legislations already in place, legally requests the contribution of a fee to the rightful owners of a piece; in other words to pay the owners their due performer’s collective right.

The performer’s collective rights are legally protected by the International Rome
convention, pre-signed by 70 countries, including the United States of America and Canada. According to the national treatment principle enshrined in both the Berne Convention and the Rome Convention, foreign owners of rights are treated in the same way as nationals in most respects. This principle is upheld by collective management organizations which, under reciprocal representation agreements, administer foreign repertoires on their national territory, exchange information and pay royalties to foreign owners of right.