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To provide information on piracy of Bollywood Intellectual Property (Films, Music, Dramas, Shows etc.) and to report piracy by retailers, distributors, cable operators, broadcasters;

E-Mail Bollywood Anti-Piracy Hotline at

Your complaints will be registered. Investigations based on your complaints will be conducted immediately. Your privacy will be protected.

You choose your level of anonymity from the following options:

  1. Remain completely anonymous
    You will not reveal your name or contact information to anyone. Your identity is completely protected on the complaint report.
  2. Remain anonymous toward organization
    You are comfortable revealing your name and contact information to Nabcrm, but not to anyone else. Nabcrm may contact you confidentially to gather additional information yet will not reveal your identity at any time to any organization.
  3. Do not care about anonymity
    You do not care about anonymity. You choose to reveal your name and identity to both Nabcrm, to media and other organizations.